We proudly present to you the first comprehensive meat shop in town, White Hen Gourmet. The shop has all kinds of fine meat cuts ranging from chicken, lamb, mutton and all sorts of cooking cold meats and smoked meat products for sandwiches and salads.Gone are the days when cooking meant to be time consuming and boring, in today’s world we want to enjoy creating the perfect meal in a very short time.Your time is extremely important to us and that’s why we have all sorts of ready to eat items as well as products which only need a little toss and turn on the stove and in minutes you will be ready to impress your family members with some mouth watering dishes!All our staff is trained to provide you with the best service and our Australian master butchers who manage and handle the whole processing will ensure halal hygiene and top quality products.

Be sure to visit our shop on Road 10, House 23, Block E, Banani-Dhaka.




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